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Política de Sostenibilidad

Agencia de Viajes Maya - Política de SostenibilidadComprometidos con la promoción y protección ambiental, sociocultural y económica del país VIAJES MAYA gestiona diferentes programas que buscan impactar de manera positiva la sostenibilidad de nuestro entorno y la sustentabilidad de nuestra generación y las generaciones futuras dando así cumplimiento a la legislación vigente en este tema. Nuestra oferta de servicio se fundamenta en el respeto a los viajeros, a las comunidades de interés, al medio ambiente y a la cultura o costumbres de los destinos turísticos. Promovemos el turismo como medio de intercambio cultural positivo, propendiendo por la generación de ingresos, empleo para las poblaciones locales y desarrollo integral de los grupos de interes. Para ello, contamos con un equipo humano en constante desarrollo, mejoramiento continuo de procesos, tecnologías y productos compatibles con el ambiente, lo anterior en busca de la satisfacción de nuestros clientes.

Controlar los aspectos que generan impactos negativos y mantener los impactos positivos de orden ambiental, cultural, social y económico a través de la implementación de programas y campañas al interior de la compañía y en coordinación con los grupos de interés.

Committed to the promotion and environmental, sociocultural and economic protection of the country VIAJES MAYA SAS manages different programs that seek to positively impact the sustainability of our environment and the sustainability of our generation and future generations thus complying with current legislation on this issue. Our service offering is based on respect for travelers, communities of interest, the environment and the culture and customs of tourist destinations. We promote tourism as a means of positive cultural exchange, tending for income generation, employment for local people and overall development of interest groups.

To do this, we have a team in constant development, continuous improvement of processes, technologies and environmentally compatible products, this in search of the satisfaction of our customers.

Control aspects that generate negative impacts and maintain the positive impacts of environmental, cultural, social and economic development through the implementation of programs and campaigns within the company and in coordination with stakeholders.

VIAJES MAYA SAS, is committed to promoting sustainable tourism with particular emphasis on the preservation of cultural heritage material and immaterial, and thus contributes to the enrichment and quality of life of local populations. It also takes into account all cultural events and encourages their customers values of respect and care.

Basics to consider.

Material or tangible heritage. It is as its name suggests, the materialization of culture, what we can touch. In turn this heritage is subdivided into several groups:

Heritage property: is what can not be moved and includes the cities, squares, parks and buildings, among others.

Heritage Furniture: which is made up of library collections, documentaries, monuments in public space, sculptures, works of art, household utensils, etc.

Intangible and Intangible Heritage. Are those manifestations, expressions, knowledge and practices that give a community and a human group a sense of identity, belonging and historical continuity. These demonstrations are transmitted from generation to generation.

In this sense, VIAJES MAYA SAS, makes the following recommendations to clients:

  1. Do not market or promote the sale, trafficking or exhibition of archaeological and cultural property, unless it came with the respective permits, for the sole and specific case of the display.
  2. Note that communities are the only ones who can decide aspects of their cultural traditions that want to share with visitors and the level of interaction in each.
  3. Consider the recommendations of income, behavior, permanence, respect and conservation of specific destinations.

VIAJES MAYA SAS, is committed to promoting sustainable tourism with particular emphasis on preserving the natural heritage, understood as all natural monuments, geological formations, sites and natural landscapes of a territory of outstanding universal value from the point of view aesthetic, scientific or environmental.

Basics to consider

The natural heritage consists of:

Biosphere reserves. They are terrestrial and / or marine protected by United and the World Network of Biosphere, whose main function is to conserve the planet’s biodiversity and sustainable use. They are laboratories where integrated land, water and biodiversity management is studied.

Natural monuments. It is a natural element of singular landscape value, geological, historical or symbolic and whose conservation advised a special type of protection as normally found outside a susceptible environment have superior protection.

Reserves and national parks. Areas in which its extension allows ecological self-regulation, whose ecosystems have not been altered substantially by human exploitation or occupation and where plant and animal species, geomorphological complex and historical or cultural manifestations have scientific, educational, aesthetic and recreational national value.

Nature sanctuaries. Those terrestrial or marine sites that offer special opportunities for studies and geological, paleontological, zoological, botanical or ecology, or having natural formations whose conservation is of interest to science or to the state.

In this sense, VIAJES MAYA SAS makes the following recommendations to clients:

  1. Do not remove from the wild species of flora and / or fauna. This is an environmental crime.
  2. Do not introduce exotic species of fauna and flora. This causes serious disturbances in the natural habitat of flora and fauna and their food chains.
  3. Do not feed wild animals directly. The food must be controlled and advised by experts in wildlife management.
  4. Do not emit excessive noise because they can alter the natural environment of the local fauna.
  5. Do not burn or campfires. Since the produced gases can be toxic and can cause serious effects on ecosystems and communities where they are made.
  6. Do not have improperly solid wastes.
  7. Note the recommendations of income, behavior, permanence, respect and preservation of these specific destinations.